Sabtu, 18 Januari 2014

Review My Circle Lenses: X2 Ice Baby Nude No 8 Blue by Exoticon

Dear my beauty readers,,
As I promised to y'all last time I'll post a review about my circle lenses.. I have already wrote X2 Ice No 1 by Exoticon before in my last post and thanks for visiting.. Now I'm gonna let you know my experience about wearing my other lens from Exoticon.. Yupp,, it's a new brand from Exoticon, X2 Ice Baby Nude No 8 lens.. Honestly, I was afraid of changing another lenses cause I've got used to be with my old brand, X2 Ice No 1, but I've read some reviews from other bloggers that there's another Exoticon lens which's comfortable, so thin, have cute pattern, it's not too expensive because it's a local brand, aaand it has very large diameter 16.0 mm, I'm so amaze.. Yaa, it's X2 Ice Baby Nude No 8 by Exoticon.. Here's some ad pictures that I've got from Google..

Soo BIG riiight.. looks like a baby eyes.. it has six colors and there is PINK, my favorite one hihihi.. But, I'm not gonna review pink color cause I purchased the blue one hoho.. ^ ^

Well, I bought it not a long time ago, I forgot when it was, but after I found those lens in optical store nearby I tried the tester first before I buy the new one, then I was so amazed, it wasn't like my old softlens, it's thiner and more comfortable on my eyes, even though the diameter is BIG but it really comfy, my face look fresher because the enlargement really work on my eyes, I'm like having a baby face hehee.. So, I purchased it to be exact.. Here some pictures of mine..

So cute packaging ^____^
I compare the enlargement with my old lenses.. (up: X2 Ice No 1 and bottom: X2 Ice No 8) see? O___o
On my eyes in a daylight (outdoor).. pordon my silly face.. Hmm, what'd you guys think? :3

At first I thought that it would be weird if i wear a huge softlens coz I have big eyes and it would be obviouse that I wear a softlens, I mean it would be look so fake and not look natural, but the result.. I'm ssssooooo lovin' it.. So, will I buy it again next time? YES, sure, of course..!! ^____^
I'll give 5/5 stars, the best softlens I've ever had.. :*

Anyway, thx for visit.. And, see you guys again in my next post.. XoXo,

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