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Korean Novel Review: Explicit Love Story by Lee Sae In

Dear readers, this is my first blog, and it's obviously, that I still don't know how to maintain my blog very well because i'm a newbie, but please don't hesitate to read my post because i'll try my best to make a good writing to read for y'all.. So, after loooong way thinking about what I should write here, finally i decided to make a review of my first korean novel.. Not a bad idea for first move right? hehe.. Here it is, the title is Explicit Love Story by Lee Sae In, it's published by Haru, which they have published so many good Korean novels from good authors.. check on the link to get for more info of their books and authors..

Front Cover

Well, I bought this book about 1 month ago in my bookstore nearby, it cost Rp. 65.000, so cheeeapp.. Actually, my first impression about this book is because of the color of the cover.. Yupp, The color is PINK! ^^ it's my favorite color for sure.. But most of all it has gooooooddd story to tell, I love romantic story.. So I read the synopsis first, which is placed on the back cover of the book, before I decided to buy.. if you like kindda easy reading and mild story, I think this book is a good choice to read.. well as we know from the title of the book, there're contain adult things, and explicit words, ehemm, which everybody loves it, am I right? hahaha.. It's about 70% sex, 20% love story, and 10% comedy.. Not really thick, it has 386 pages long, and rating for this book I give 4/5 stars..

Here I have some part of the story in Bahasa:

"Han Lee Seon, si wanita berumur 24 tahun yang tahu banyak hal tentang seksualitas namun dia sama sekali tak punya pengalaman langsung yang bisa dia banggakan, alias dia masih perawan. Namun, ternyata dia sering kali dijadikan tempat untuk berkonsultasi tentang masalah tersebut. Yah, nggak heran jika dia sepandai itu dalam hal ini, karena sejak kecil, saat dia sendiri belum paham dengan istilah-istilah seksual sekalipun, dia sudah membaca majalah dan buku porno. "Sejujurnya, aku merasa sedih tiap kali pertanyaan seperti itu muncul. Karena sebenarnya, aku belum pernah mengalami hal itu secara langsung, bahkan hingga aku berusia 24 tahun seperti sekarang. Seperti pepatah mengatakan "tong kosong nyaring bunyinya", seperti itulah diriku sekarang." −Han Lee Seon− page. 21"

I think that's all my review today.. You guys maybe have your own opinion about this book or experience after reading this book, please share it.. Hope my review today can be useful to everybody who loves korean literature.. Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to leave a comment.. Love y'all..!! ^*^/

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