Kamis, 16 Januari 2014

Review My Circle Lenses: X2 Ice No 1 Brown and Grey by Exoticon

Hi readers, so happy to see you again today in the middle of a cloudy day I'm gonna show you a review about circle lens of mine.. Well, I have minus eyes so I have to always use sunglasses or softlenses.. According to my experience about wearing softlens, actually it's lil bit irritates my eyes, but lil bit weird and bored too if I wear sunglasses, sometimes it's also make my head hurt, so annoying.. So, it's better to wear softlense than to wear sunglasses, it seems so simple and casual, yet looks so sexy too, hoho..

Here it is, my usual brand, and also my very first softlens.. X2 Ice No 1 by Exoticon..
sorry for bad capture.. it's in a room light.. X2 Ice No 1 in Brown and Grey

It's local brand from my country, I used to wear local brand because it's cheap, it cost under Rp. 100.000,-.. I think every optical store has each different price.. the price where I live for instence, it costs about Rp. 45.000-Rp.65.000, so cheeeap right.. ^^/

It's one of my favorite coloured lenses, I used to wear in grey and brown because it looks more natural and calm than the other color, but sometimes I wear in blue too (I think the blue color is not really bright, sometimes it's more like grey in a daylight, so it's good to wear because i don't really like bright color)..

Original Picture from web.. Now it comes with new color Sky Blue.. Sooo pretty ^^

 It's comfortable on my eyes, well it has 42% water content.. But I used to give my eyes an eye lotion every 4-6 hours, because sometimes it will get dry faster, depends on the condition when I use it, if it's on AC or on the street (because I ride a motorcycle).. But most of all i don't have any problem when I use it.. it also give your eyes a dolly look, if you wear these lenses it will give you a large effect on your eyes, it has 14.5 diameter.. so pretty ^___^

I give rating 4/5 stars, from all aspects.. if you wanna get a large effetct, and cheap price, I very recommend this softlens, hihihii.. Enjoy reading and please leave a comment.. I'm gonna be back soon with other reviews about my cirle lenses X2 Ice Baby Nude No 8.. Don't miss it.. XoXo, ^^/

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