Senin, 20 Januari 2014

Review My First Import Brand Circle Lenses: Vivian Pineapple Grey

Dear Readeeerrss,,
Pheewwh, finally my internet connection comes back to life, it makes me stuck in front of it almost 1 or 2 hours like a zombie, so annoying.. Well, now just forget it, I'm not gonna talk about what my mood was at that time, but I'm gonna share another experince of mine in wearing circle lenses to y'all.. Yesterday, I received a package from Dreamie Chuppa online shop and this tiiiime I purchased a pair of import circle lenses from Korea.. i ordered it on Wednesday and I received it like 2 or 3 days ago via JNE, the brand was Vivian Pineapple in grey.. Well, because it's import so the price is far different from local one, but I think it's not too expensive too, still afordable, it cost Rp. 130.000,- (exclude delivery fee).. here's the pics..

Available in 5 colors with 48% water content
Mine wrapped neatly by Dreamie Chuppa, thx.. And it's delivered by JNE (about 2 or 3 days delivery 'till it arrived savely at my home), thx.. ^ ^
I opened up and here it iiisss pair of softlenses and lens case (for free).. ^ ^

Well, first thought about these lenses after I opened it, well, it has cute pattern, and large diameter (17.2 mm) but I thought it's not as big as my last softlens from Exoticon, X2 Ice Baby Nude No 8, it has 16.0 mm.. I haven't capture the comparison picture between Vivian Pineapple and Ice No 8 from Exoticon, but maybe you can browse it in Google and imagine it by urself, it was obviously different in enlargement.. For me, Ice No 8 is bigger.. But, Vivian still looks nice.. Here's the pic.. ^ ^
Vivian Pineapple grey in a roomlight (cute pattern).. ^^
This is how it looks on my eyes.. Photo with flash in a roomlight.. Pordon my creepy eyes.. -____-"
in a daylight (outdoor)
Hmm, it's lil bit comfy.. It's not dry easily, I only use eye lotion after 6 to 8 hours.. But still, Ice No 8's more comfortable than Vivian.. I give 3/5 stars after all.. Is there anyone who also use an import brand like mine? Please share, coz I still dilema if I wanna buy it again next time or not.. Mmmm, maybe not hehee.. Coz I'm also curious about another import soflenses which looks good, like Geo, Eye Candy or Barbie eye perhaps.. I just wanna read some reviews first from blog of yours later before I decided to buy..

Anyway, thx so much for visiting and see y'all in my next post.. Smooch..!! :*

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