Senin, 20 Januari 2014

Making Choco Puding and Vanilla Vla

My Dear Readeeerrssss,,,
How's ur life todaaayy? hopefully always be happy and be blessed you all.. Coz, now i feel ssoo pleasure to show you my masterpiece in cooking hehe.. Actually, cooking is one of my hobby, not an expert but i'm just you know love to do it, I have a passion, and here I aaam, cookiiing.. Todays menu is choco puding with vanilla vla.. Well it was my mom's request actually coz my first time making this puding was so successfuuul, Alhamdulillaah.. So she personally asked me again to made this puding.. ^ ^

And this is it, Choco Puding with Vanilla Vla a la Chef Nevie ^____^ v

My Choco Puding and Vanilla Vla.. Looks Yummy.. ^ ^
I got this recipe from google and I also found it in bookstore, I forgot what the book's name becoz I didn't buy it so I just memorized the recipe at that time hohoo.. Many sources, so I was confused, but finally I use the recipe from blog, lil bit helpful.. here's the link.. Give it a try..!!

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